Wedding Inspiration Beyond Pinterest

When looking for wedding inspiration, chances are, you’ve at least taken a look at the popular social media site Pinterest. The site boasts over 100 million users (mostly female) and has become a go-to for many women planning their wedding. However, due to the popularity of the site, many of the ‘unique’ ideas you find on there are not as original as you might want your big day to be. Here’s a starting list of where to find wedding inspiration beyond those pins:


The outdoors is full of beautiful sights, sounds and smells, all of which might inspire some wedding ideas. This can mean a walk in the park, a stroll by the beach, a bike-ride into a meadow or, our personal favourite, a quick trip to the mountains. From the ground to the sky, mother nature has so much to offer.


Artists draw inspiration from a number of sources, so why not draw inspiration from their work? The great thing is you don’t need to understand art to be inspired by it. An easy way to take a look at a variety of art is to take a trip to a local museum or gallery. Many of these places have different works on display at different times of the year, so check out their website to see what’s coming up.

Interior Design

An easy way to see well-designed spaces is to visit high-end furniture stores, home builder showrooms, and show homes. All of these spaces hire professional interior designers who are trained to understand what looks good and keep up with current trends. This doesn’t mean you’re going to put a family room in the middle of your wedding venue, but pay attention to the colours, patterns, and fabrics they use to draw people in.


Books are a great place to let your imagination soar. Have you ever watched a movie after reading the book and thought, “hmm, that wasn’t what I had pictured”? That’s because we all come up with our own ideas of how a written story would look or sound. You and another bride could both read the same book for inspiration and come up with completely different weddings.

While the temptation to pin photos in your sweatpants can be strong, allow yourself to step away from the screen and see what other wedding inspiration this world has to offer. And if you’re still struggling for ideas, contact us here at Mountain Bride, we’d love to help you dream up your perfect wedding!