Give Back to Your Guests

A recent online article about ‘trends you need to stop including in your wedding’ included favours in their list. I get it, you want to do something special to give back to your guests and thank them for attending. Do you know how many of those favours never actually leave the wedding venue? We’ve witnessed anywhere from 50%-90% of favours being left behind – what a waste! Instead of giving favours, do your guests a favour and invest that money into something with flare. Here are a few ideas:

Specialty Food

Food trucks and mobile treat set-ups are becoming very popular with festivals these days. What better festival than a wedding! You can hire one of these vendors for a few hours and have them supply your guests with something fun and different. Gelato or ice-pops can be a great way to cool down during cocktail hour and can even be spiked. A staffed cotton candy machine will add a sweet and unique treat during your dance. A food truck might be a tasty alternative to your midnight snack. The possibilities are endless!

Colouring Wall

Adult colouring books have become increasingly popular over the last few years. A print shop can transform a simple image into a full-blown piece of art, ready for your guests to add colour to. You can work with a graphic designer to create something custom, or choose from images that already exist (be careful with copyrighted work). You can also select your colour scheme by only providing your guests with markers of certain colours. Make sure to choose markers with a wide tip so that blank space can be filled quickly. This is a great activity for guests who need a little break from the dance floor, and you get a custom work of art out of the deal.

Body Art

We’re not talking about bringing in a tattoo artist to permanently ink your guests. We are, however, suggesting you consider the temporary side of this. There are artists that specialize in temporary body art such as airbrush and henna tattoos. Airbrush tattoos often use stencils and offer a wide selection of colours that will wash off easily. Henna tattoos are a single colour and characterized by intricate designs and pattern work that will last for a few weeks. Both require an experienced professional to do it right and a small amount of space. The results are guaranteed to leave the venue with your guests.

Add a Filter

Snapchat was recently named the third-most popular social network among millennials. If many of your guests fall into that demographic, consider creating a custom geo-filter for your event. The filter is specific to the geographic area you select and only available for the amount of time you choose. Anyone with a smartphone in the venue will have access to this filter. Be sure to post or share your Snapchat user name for your guests so that they can send you all their candid shots. Screenshot your favourite photos to save for later. This is an interactive way to help your friends and family relive the day.

Consider these favour swaps as a way to add something fun and different to your event. You will get a chance to give back to your guests and they will certainly appreciate the gesture. As an added bonus and you won’t have to worry about collecting unused favours at the end of the night.

Image: courtesy of Orange Girl Photography