Enjoy being Engaged!

Hello all of you beautiful bride-to-be’s!

If your wedding is approaching I’m sure that you are starting to feel the stress of managing a wedding. However, it’s important to step back every once in a while and really revel in what an amazing time this is in your life! Here are some thoughts to help you focus in on your love and ease up on the worrying

  1.  You found your person! Do you know how cool that is? When all of this is said and done you are going to have someone that you can count on for the rest of your life. Weddings are important and special, but they are a ceremony to start off a marriage; that’s where the real significance lies and that’s where your focus should be.
  2. There will always be hurdles in a wedding, just because you’re coming across a couple here and there does not mean that your wedding is doomed or that your day is going to be any less special.
  3. Go for a walk together. Wedding planning can often create tension between the couple as difficulties arise. Going for a walk together to talk about it rather than staying in the house, keeps the discussion from escalating into an argument. The exercise and fresh air will keep you calm while the public atmosphere keeps you rational.
  4. Remember that there is help out there! It’s our job as planners to take care of the little things while you focus on the fact that you are getting married. If you’re feeling like the stress of your wedding day is taking away from the excitement and joy of your wedding and your relationship, it might be time to hire a wedding planner.

A big congrats to you and your partner. This is a busy, busy time but remember that this is also a period in your life that you will cherish forever. The details can be dealt with but the most important thing is that you live in the moment and enjoy being an engaged couple.


The Mountain Bride Team