Centrepieces – Making the most of your tables

Hello Brides!

We have some tips for you on your Centrepieces – Making the most of your tables. They are one of those things that seem easy on a checklist but, as I’m sure some of you have already discovered, can be a little tricky once it comes down to decision making. Here’s a quick guide to navigating centrepiece creation.


Table Shape

Round Tables:

With round tables, you’ll actually have more room on the table to fill up, and your tables can look quite bare. Candles can help fill up the table as well if you’re short on a flower budget. You’ll also want to consider the shape of your centrepiece itself. Adding charger plates to your table will also help make the table look full and luxurious.

Photo by Miranda Weston Photography

Rectangular Tables:

Standard sized banquet rectangular tables offer a little less room to work with, especially with charger plates. This can be a plus or a minus, depending on the bride and the budget. If you want some drama, a greenery runner looks amazing! It also is low to the table so it’s easy for your guests to talk as most people talk across the table with rectangular tables and side-to-side for rounds.

Photo by Alan Maudie



Adding in dimension looks great visually, consider adding in different levels to your centrepiece in order to make it interesting. The image to the right shows the candles raised up on wooden blocks. This design achieves interest through mixing textures and different levels in the table decor.
MountainBride-AmandaAndJarrett-26  MountainBride-AmandaAndJarrett-19  MountainBride-AmandaAndJarrett-21

Photos by Emily Exon Photography



Finally we have colour. This is usually the first thing a couple will think about when planning their centrepieces, and for good reason. This will contribute a great deal to the communication of colour scheme to the guests and can bring it together. Don’t be afraid to mix in lots of different colours and shades. While a monochromatic centrepiece can look gorgeous, you can also push the boundaries and have some fun with your centrepieces.

Hopefully this guide helped you find a good direction for your table decor, and as always, the Mountain Bride design team can help you out if you’re getting too overwhelmed. Happy planning!


The Mountain Bride Team