Prioritizing Wedding Planning

I want to talk to you beautiful brides about priorities. Prioritizing wedding planning and the long list of To-Do’s is like a second part time job! Unless you have unlimited funds and a family with no personality or opinions, planning your wedding is going to involve some degree of compromise. That’s why it is important to establish what you can wiggle on and what you absolutely need when it comes to your wedding day. This can be pretty difficult so I’ll give you some tools to get started.
First think about all the major components of a wedding:

  • Venue (reception and ceremony)
  • Food and wedding cake
  • Bar service
  • Guest list; aka how many guests do you each want to invite
  • Décor/theme, flowers, lighting
  • Photographer and/or Videographer
  • Entertainment
  • Your wedding party; aka your besties
  • Officiant for the ceremony
  • Wedding Dress

Now it is time to Budget! We can help you on this with our hourly consultation service. It can get complicated QUICK!
Go through each component with your fiancé and write your preference for each factor. Then rate your preference out of 10 on how important it is to you. The catch is, you can’t rate everything a 10! Life’s tough, I know.
However, I have a happy thought for you! We offer individual Budget Consultations, even if that is the only thing you are needing help with. Sit down with us, we can go over your priorities and help you create a realistic budget. We highly recommend this, as this can be the cause of major fights, which is not a great feeling as your first steps to planning a life together.
There are many different services available with Mountain Bride that will help you sort through the planning hurdles and help you to take the wedding that lives in your head and turn it into a reality.

The Mountain Bride Team