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Are you considering planning a tent wedding? Mountain Bride is your Tent Wedding Planner.
Katie and Donnie’s tent wedding in Fernie, BC was one of my favorite weddings to plan. They were amazing to work with. We transformed an open empty field into a beautiful wedding location. It was literally a open empty field with no power, no water, no toilets, no shelter, only a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains!
The ceremony backdrop was unobstructed views of the full Lizard Range of the Fernie Alpine Resort. You do not get better mountain views that this. Mountain weddings do not come without their weather challenges! We were fully set and ready to go for the ceremony, with beautiful chivarri chairs, flowers on sheppards hooks down the aisle and Geoff Code strumming the guitar. It was a sunny day with a few clouds in the sky. Three quarters of the way through the ceremony storm clouds came up over the mountains on the other side of the valley. We could see the wall of rain heading straight for us as it crossed the valley. Some quick thinking and myself and my assistant grabbed one of the patio umbrellas and set in place for Katie & Donnie and the marriage commissioner to huddle under to quickly finish the remainder of the vows. As the ceremony ended and rain came in full force, guests picked up their chair and ran for cover in the tent! Having a rain backup is an absolute requirement for wedding ceremonies in the mountains!!
Planning a tent wedding is particularly tricky as the location often does not have build in power, water or toilets. We brought in an industrial sized generator and luxurious trailer for toilets. The trailer is fancier than many venues washrooms! There was also no cooking facilities, thus our incredible chef worked out of a converted chuck wagon and prepared the most delicious salmon feast I have eaten.
It was important to Katie and Donnie for their guests to have a great time! Self serve beer and soft drinks were available from a canoe filled with ice, and a Dj AND Band kept the guests on the dance floor alllll night. And I literally do mean alllll night. Way into the we hours of the night, when the neighbours started complaining about the noise and the DJ would not stop (even though the bride had groom had long before left the party) I literally had to cut the power to the DJ and the lights to get people to finally go home! What a night to remember.
For more photos check out this blog by photographer Nicole Ashley: http://www.nicoleashley.ca/wedding-photography/katie-donnie/
Photos by Nicole Ashley Photography