3 Months From Your Wedding Day: To Do List PART TWO


Photo by Nicole Ashley Photography (this photo from Kaitlyn & Darren’s wedding at Delta Lodge Kananaskis. For more photos click here)

Beauty Regimen

What about your golden glow? If you’ve never tried a fake tan before, go for a light colour so you don’t look too orange or artificial. Professionally applied spray tans are best, as they can also exfoliate you beforehand. This is definitely the key to an A-list look. Talking of celebrity style, you may also want to consider a tooth whitening treatment so your teeth look extra sparkly in your photos.


Photo by Ramsel Kunkel (this photo is from a photoshoot for Calgary Bridal Guide. For more photos click here)

Wedding Favours

The Design Service at Mountain Bride is perfect for letting us handle or inspire you in your wedding favour ideas. Order favors, if desired. Some safe bets: monogrammed cookies or a treat that represents your city or region. If you’re planning to have welcome baskets for out-of-town guests, plan those now too.


Photo by f8 photography (this picture is from Rayna & Brad’s gorgeous wedding at Azuridge Estate Hotel. For more photos of this wedding click here)

MC Meetings

Meet with your Master of Ceremonies. Go over your wedding day itinerary, so that on the actual day, things go smoothly, just how you intended it to be.


Photo by Emily Exon Photography (from Amanda & Jarret’s wedding at Delta Lodge Kananaskis, for more pictures of this wedding click here)


Give a list of “Must Take” photographs to your wedding photographer. This will save valuable time on the day of. Ask a close friend of the family and your photographer or wedding planner if they will have an assistant to help with family photo’s. This is crucial in keeping photo’s punctual and run smoothly without eating into your “destination” photo session with your bridal party.


Photo by Alan Maudie (this photo is from a photoshoot we did for Lux by Calgary Bride. For more inspiring pictures from this photoshoot click here)


Photo by 6:8 Photography (from Kelly & Jay’s wedding in Fernie, BC at the Elk View Lodge. For more picture of this wedding click here)

Hen & Stag Nights

This is one thing you don’t have to organize – it’s the responsibility of the chief bridesmaid and best man. Hopefully you’ve chosen a chief bridesmaid that you trust to organize your hen, so let her prove herself. Just tell her who you’d like invited and the mood of the day (not everyone wants the L-plates and willy straws!). Be considerate about costs and think of appropriate activities everyone will enjoy. An afternoon tea, a DIY wedding activity and then on to a club should keep everyone happy.


Photo by dibble photography (this is from Amanda & Drew’s wedding at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC. For more photos click here)

Bridal Shower

This, like your Hen Night, is also left in your bridesmaid’s hands.

Feature cocktails

If you’re looking for a way to toast your guests for less — a signature cocktail is a good solution. By limiting the amount and varieties of liquor you serve, you’ll cut down on the extra expense of having a more fully stocked bar. Of course it is normal for couples to serve wine and beer along with their signature cocktail in order to provide their guests with at least a few options to choose from, but the extra detail of a signature cocktail adds a nice touch.

Of course it is up to you the quality of liquor you want to include in your signature drinks so that could be another way to save money. However, we think if you’re serving just one or two signature cocktails it’s nice to splurge on the good stuff in order to offer a really nice option for your guests to enjoy.



Photos by Kristi Sneddon Photography (this is from Lindsey & Mike’s wedding in Fernie, BC at the Elk View Lodge. For more photos from this wedding click here)


Get fitted for your tux. If you’re renting or buying, double check that all the elements are included in the correct size: jacket, trousers, shirt, tie, vest or cummerbund, shoes, cuff links, and dress socks.

If you, and your groomsmen, will be dressing somewhere other than at home, pack up your outfit and grooming products.

You should gather:
Hair products
Cummerbund or belt
Coat or jacket
Cuff links and studs
Dress shirt
And last, but definitely not least, the wedding rings


Photo by Svetlana Yanova Photography (this picture is from Tatiana & Mitch’s tent wedding in Priddis, AB. For more photos click here)

Wedding Ceremony

Eight weeks or so before you tie the knot, you’ll be asked by your officiant or registrar to inform them of the readings you’ve decided upon. You’ll also need to tell them about the vows you’d like to say – there are several versions to choose between of different lengths.

The shortest vows don’t take very long at all – they’re only a few lines – and so you might want to embellish the ceremony with some readings. If you decide not to have readings, a basic civil ceremony would last about 20 minutes. If you’re wondering why your officiant needs to be informed of your readings, it’s because they need to check that your choices are acceptable. For example, religious readings can be incorporated by a guest reading the passage, however the marriage commissioner cannot read bible versus.

This is a big misconception out there about religious readings in civil ceremonies. I reached out to a Calgary Marriage Commissioner, Jacqueline Hoare Life Celebrant and she clarified this for us: “A Civil wedding ceremony can have a religious reading, prayer or blessing as the couple wishes, however the Marriage Commissioner CANNOT do these, it must be a friend or family member of the couple”.


Photo by 6:8 Photography (this photo is from Mountain Bride owner, Lisa Grosso’s wedding. For more photos of her wedding click here!)

When you first set your wedding day, you thought it was a long way off. Now, you’re thinking where did the time go? Three months until your big day and lots to do.

If you are still in panic mode, no need to fret, contact Mountain Bride for our talented and experienced team of Wedding Planners. With our support, service, and guidance throughout your wedding planning process, we will create the day that will be remembered forever.


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Written by Rachel Abdallah